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About Us

MD Collective is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to help medical school applicants from all backgrounds navigate the premed process, from planning coursework and preparing for the MCAT to ultimately navigating the med school application process.

MCAT prep materials and AMCAS applications can easily cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Add student loans, gap year activities, and postbacc programs into the mixture and the costs quickly skyrocket. Our team doesn't think this is fair, and believes medical school admissions put students in minority groups and lower socioeconomic status at an unfair disadvantage.

MD Collective levels the playing field by (1) offering free MCAT tutoring and application consulting services, and (2) providing a network of students, mentors, and resources for you to leverage.

What We Do


The MCAT is a significant barrier to medical school for all applicants. Not only is it generally considered one of the most important factors for admissions, but it's difficult to prepare with tutoring services often costing upwards of thousands of dollars.

Our MCAT tutoring program pairs you with an MD Collective tutor with extensive teaching experience and a top MCAT score (≥98th precentle). Your tutor works closely with you and wil personalize and execute a study plan, including weekly tutoring and advising.


Everyone's path to medical school is unique — there are no checklists or rubrics. The most important aspect of your application is learning how to communicate your story and passion, and the capability to pursue a career in medicine and service.

Whether it be through essay brainstorming and revisions or mock interview prep, MD Collective mentors students by sharing our knowledge of the application process and available opportunities catered to your own interests, and will guide you through the medical school application process. We also work with you early in the process to identify gaps in experiences and steps to take to support your candidacy.


At its core, MD Collective is a network of current and former premeds, all at different stages of our careers. Our member directory helps you connect with potential mentors and other students just like you so that we can all navigate the process together.

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Who is MD Collective intended for?

Our hope is that MD Collective can serve as a home base for students, no matter where they are on their path to becoming a physician. That being said, MD Collective's North Star is to work towards breaking down the structural and socioeconomic barriers uniquely faced by students identifying as minorities and members of the FGLI (first-generation low-income) community.

In light of this, certain resources like study materials and open office hours are made available for all students, while others like 1:1 advising and tutoring sessions require our team to prioritize working with students that need it most, and are available by application only.

How can I register for an account?

Firstly, most MD Collective members do not need to register for an account, the majority of our resources are already available to all students on our website. Our Slack channel is also available for all members to join. That being said, certain MD Collective events — such as 1:1 advising and tutoring sessions — require special login access. If you believe you would especially benefit from these resources (see above question), please fill out the application linked below.

What can I get out of MD Collective?

Some of the things that we're particularly proud of include

  1. 1:1 and Group MCAT tutoring sessions; MCAT study resources hand-developed by our in-house team of MCAT tutors.
  2. Individualized consulting to help navigate college coursework planning, extracurriculars, and life during postbacc.
  3. AACOMAS and AMCAS advising sessions; walk-in virtual office-hour sessions with students that have successfully navigated the application process; mock interview prep; essay peer-review workshops.
  4. A network of premeds, post-grads, and current medical students to learn from and collaborate with.

How can I contribute to MD Collective?

We're always looking to work with individuals that are passionate about making medical school more accessible to students. Reach out to us via email if you're interested in volunteering as an MCAT tutor, advisor, or resource for other students to reach out to.

Any membership fees?

Nope, MD Collective does not collect membership fees. Our operating costs are covered by grants and the generous support of our donors. If you feel like you've benefitted from the MD Collective community, all we ask is that you consider mentoring other students as well.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct can be found here.

Contact Us

Shoot us an email at md [dot] collective [at] outlook [dot] com or DM us @MDCollective_